A group program for intensive rehabilitation and support. 

Our approach
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Our approach

We offer a 6-week day program for people who require intensive rehabilitation and support to reduce their drug and alcohol use.

Day Rehabilitation provides clients with an authentic opportunity to achieve sustainable recovery from their alcohol and other drug problems through an intensive specialist program.

For anyone with drug and alcohol issues wanting to change their lives and move in a different direction then Bridges 180° may be for you.

Refer to service

180° is for people with moderate drug and alcohol issues which are compounded by complex issues such as unemployment, unstable housing, poverty, physical and mental health issues etc. A person can self-refer or be referred by someone else if they have consent to refer.

Not everyone is suited to a day rehabilitation program, so we go through a comprehensive assessment process to ensure that this is the right program for you and your ready and able to do a 180 and turn your life around.

180° explained

“Doing a 180” means you’re heading in the opposite direction to where you were going. 180 also represents the number of hours for our day program 180° operates:

  • 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday
  • 30 hrs/week, for 6 weeks = 180
  • Aftercare program - intensive support for 2 weeks
  • Individual Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling sessions are available during and after the completion of the day program followed by our 2-week Aftercare Support Program to help you achieve your personal goals.

For a free consultation, or to find out more, telephone 1800 BridgesAOD (1800 263 274) or email [email protected]