We understand that everyone's path is different, and sometimes things just aren't quite right. We walk beside people on their journey and assist them in living their best life

Making or getting a referral

Find out how to make or get a referral to our range of programs and services at Bridges.




Live Different Think Different Be Different. Mind-Life is a major initiative of Bridges Health and Community Care that aims to reframe psychosocial disability, reduce stigma and improve community access.



Our impact in 2021


occasions of NDIS services provided


occasions of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment services


occasions of service by our CREST team


DES clients assisted into work or study


occasions of service from our mental health clinicians, counsellors, and psychologists

Latest news

  • What is personal medicine? And how can it help me in my recovery journey?

    In this curiosity conversation, we explore the term personal medicine and how it helps people on their recovery journey. Over the last few years, personal medicine has grown in popularity. And at Bridges, we’re thrilled because it’s a practice we have been implementing into our services for years. Read more