The concept of the Mind-Life project was derived from the desire to disrupt a service model that defines people who experience adversity with a labelling term that focuses on what they can’t do rather than what they can. Sharon Sarah Bridges HCC Chief Executive Officer and Project Initiator.

Live Different Think Different Be Different! 

The Mind-Life Project is live! Now you can see and hear for yourself in a series of eight video podcasts, of which six are available right now, as Gillian and Helen challenge the way we consider psychosocial disability*. 

Gillian Townsend and Helen Glover dig through the nitty gritty to present thought provoking and sometimes controversial discussion and points of view.  These are the conversations that had to happen. Weaving through subjects such as human rights, the role of the carer, community and other topics that educate and illuminate our way of thinking when we encounter or consider psychosocial disability* and the myriad of consequences that lead from it.

In the words of Sharon Vaughan, Project Officer on the project, "The mind-life project has the opportunity to create resources that support people with psychosocial disability to understand and challenge the service systems they utilise and claim and hone their power to live a life of their own design." - Click on the link below to experience the Mind Life Mayhem conversations.

*Definition: Disability as a result of mental health issues and as a result may suffer profound social disadvantage and other effects such as discrimination and judgment . 

The Mind-Life initiative is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services through an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Grant to reframe psychosocial disability, reduce stigma and improve community access for people who experience psychosocial disability”