Mind Life Podcasts are here!

The Mind-Life Project seeks to solve one of society’s most challenging problems: Creating community connection and a sense of full citizenship for the most vulnerable in of society. Read more

Bridges Arts Culture & Wellbeing Centre

Plans by Bridges Health & Community Care to develop the former Woongarra Street fire station into a community care centre have officially been approved. Read more

Build a career with Bridges

Change your own life and other peoples when you join the team at Bridges Health and Community Care. Wide Bay Burnett or Fraser Coast, your career in mental health starts here! Social workers, Counsellors, NDIS workers, Nurses, Alcohol & Other Drug Clinicians are always encouraged to enquire about current opportunities. Bridges offers financial assistance to those relocating from overseas or interstate. Click to read... Read more

What is personal medicine? And how can it help me in my recovery journey?

In this curiosity conversation, we explore the term personal medicine and how it helps people on their recovery journey. Over the last few years, personal medicine has grown in popularity. And at Bridges, we’re thrilled because it’s a practice we have been implementing into our services for years. Read more

How do I choose the right recovery coach?

Choosing a provider can be overwhelming, there are so many providers out there. It’s important to know, that while there are different providers, not all of them are the same. Some, like Bridges are boutique specialist providers. Read more

Where to find help when someone in your life is using drugs

Breakthrough for Families (BFFQ) is an education and brief intervention program for family members or loved ones who are impacted by or concerned about someone in their life who is using drugs and/or alcohol. This may be an addiction the individual has been struggling with, or it may be helping someone who is drinking too much. Read more

Employers throughout Regional Qld: here’s why you should partner with Bridges Disability Employment Service

If you work at or own or manage a business that’s experiencing growth, but don’t have enough work for a full timer, Bridges DES team has the answer you’re searching for. Read on for more. Read more

Wellbeing strategies for families & carers who are struggling with someone’s substance dependency.

Bridges drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment team hears from family members and carers who frequently ask how they can support their loved one, while maintaining their own wellbeing. In this blog post, we explore some simple strategies that family members and carers can add to their life. Read more

Our Disability Employment Service is more than you may think…

As our community knows, we are committed to helping individuals achieve their goals, and live their best life. We are constantly reviewing our services and evolving them to fit the needs of those who choose to work with us. Read more

What do I learn from a Bridges recovery coach?

In this curiosity conversation, we explore what an individual may learn from their Recovery Coach. Read more

Take time for mental health for Queensland Mental Health Week 2021

Learn how some of our Bridges team prioritises their mental wellness throughout the year. For QMHW 2021, the theme is “take time – for mental health”. This puts the idea of slowing down in front of people to recognise and engage in activities that naturally boost your mood. (QMHW, 2021) Read more

We know we're different. Here's why it matters...

Because we don’t take your personal growth lightly. We are focused on your goals, your story, and what you want to achieve because you are the expert in your life. Read more

What is Recovery Coaching, really?

Recovery coaching is still relatively new. So, to make your life easier we've put together what the Bridges recovery coaching service is about. Read more

Bridges Health & Community Care is the new Services Australia Agent in Childers and Gin Gin

On the 31st of August 2021, Bridges became the official Services Australia Agent in Childers and Gin Gin, Queensland. Read more

Homelessness Prevention Week 2021

In the spirit of homelessness prevention week, Bridges wanted to raise awareness of youth homelessness in Bundaberg. This post is brought to you by the Bridges Youth Bail Support Service in Bundaberg. Read more

NAIDOC Week 2021

“Heal Country”, calls for us to all continue to seek greater protections for First Nations lands, waters, sacred sites and cultural heritage. By having this conversation we recognise First Nation Peoples connection to Country and Culture. Read more

Schizophrenia awareness week - poem

A poem written by Norm Wotherspoon, a Lived Experience Advocate of Schizophrenia. Read more

The human-animal bond improves quality of life

There are demonstrated social, emotional, and physiological benefits of positive interaction between people and therapy animals. Read more

Digital Ways To Wellness - Smiling Mind for Educators, to Improve Class Mental Health

Here's a quick question for teachers: Which new approaches have you used to help your class reduce bullying and achieve improved mental wellness? Read more

Digital Ways To Wellness - Mood Prism, for those who want to feel in control of their mood swings

Here's a quick question for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. When it comes to your emotions as a unique individual, do you know which specific foods, time of day, or external situations affect your mood? Read more