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For anyone who suspects they or a loved-one might have PTSD.




10 minute webinar

About the Course

Do you know how to you can manage symptoms of PTSD without having to tell your story? Many people who have PTSD do not want to tell their story because they don't want to relive that experience and be retraumatised. And that is a valid concern.

But there is good news. Like many others, you can learn to manage the symptoms of PTSD and heal from your trauma without having to tell your story.

In this independent review of PTSD Coach Australia, Daniel explains how and why you can use this smart phone app to learn more about PTSD and to manage the symptoms as a way to heal your trauma.

Some people do not realise that they have PTSD, for example as a result of childhood trauma due to neglect or abuse. Those who have been diagnosed with PTSD might know about the PTSD Coach Australia app from their mental health clinician and want to learn more about how it works.

PTSD Coach Australia is an evidence-based app that's backed by medical science and research. It provides guided techniques for people with post traumatic stress disorder.


The Queensland Government funds the initiative through its 'Tackling Adversity Through Integrated Care' (TRAIC) program.


Bridges selected this app to review from a list of evidence-based digital resources recommended by Queensland Health. Bridges Health & Community Care is not associated with the featured app in any way. The information in this webinar is for information purposes only, to help communities and individuals find new ways to further build their mental health resilience.

Your Instructor

Daniel Elrington

Daniel Elrington

Meet Daniel Elrington. Daniel is a mental health clinician with Bridges Health & Community Care in Queensland, Australia.

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