Resources to help you find the right Bridges service for you and/or your loved ones in Queensland

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About Bridges document library

Are you looking for one-page summaries of Bridges mental-health or community services in Queensland, referral forms, or other Bridges document?


Visit the Bridges document library to find and download a range of documents.

The document range includes Bridges:

  • Referral forms
  • One-page summaries of Bridges mental-health or community services in Queensland
  • Brochure on clients’ rights and responsibilities
  • Posters on ways to provide your feedback on your experience at Bridges
  • More . . .



About Bridges webinar library

Are you looking for ways to improve your mental health or to support the mental health of a loved-one?

An evidence-based smart phone app can offer ways for you to achieve improved mental health that can complement therapy or other support.

Each video features a mental health clinician from Bridges Health & Community Care in Queensland, Australia.

You'll see them demo a free smart phone app for you and you will hear how (and why) the app can help you improve your mental health.


Visit the Bridges Wellness Webinars library to view a range on-demand videos that take only 10-min to view, more or less.

The webinar range includes independent reviews by a Bridges mental health clinician of the following smart-phone apps:

  • PTSD Coach Australia
  • MoodPrism
  • Smiling Mind
    • Smiling Mind for Kids and Families
    • Smiling Mind for Adults
    • Smiling Mind for Educators