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Time to Work Employment Services
Transition from prison

We provide pre-transition and post-transition services and supports for individuals who are, or have been in, Queensland Correctional Centres.


Bridges Time to Work Employment Service (TWES) is exclusive to the Maryborough Correctional Centre. Our team supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Individuals get ready for work as they prepare for their release.


Access and eligibility

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals in Queensland Correctional Centres who wish to become job ready, prior to release.

This program is voluntary

Service location

We deliver the Time to Work Employment Service exclusively in Maryborough Correctional Centre.


Our approach

We work with prisoners to identify potential and real barriers to employment, develop transition plans and assist a facilitated transfer to a job provider.

We work in partnership with Cultural Liaison Officers in prison and cultural workers in the community to improve connection and reduce risk of relapse.




The Transition from Prison Recovery Program is for people with moderate to severe mental illness who have been incarcerated in the Capricorn Correctional Centre

About our service

This is a service for people who require intensive support on release to access to essential services and resources and integrate back into the community. We assist clients develop a personal recovery plan prior to release, coordinate services both pre-release and post-release, facilitate warm referrals and offer practical support such as transport to access appointments, including attending court, appointments with parole officers and mental health services.

Service location

We deliver this program in the Capricorn Correctional Centre and in the communities of Rockhampton, Gladstone and other Central Queensland towns in the Rockhampton Local Government Area. We work in partnership with the Queensland Health Prison Mental Health Service and Central Coast Corrective Services.


Refer to service

Referrals for this program are exclusively by the Queensland Health Prison Mental Health Team.


Funding acknowledgement

Funded by Queensland Health Community Services Branch.




Bridges CREST team provides information, education and post-release support for clients in the Maryborough Correctional Centre. We are able to support clients in the following Queensland Regions: Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast, the South West Region including Dalby and Miles, in addition to the South Burnett Region.


Services in-prison

We offer information and education for people sentenced in the Maryborough Correctional Centre and post-release support services in the community for people on parole.


Bridges provides the following services in-prison:

Information and education on community and health services;

  • Referrals prior to release to help address key issues that can lead to relapse on release, such as unstable housing, drug and alcohol issues, domestic violence and counselling;

  • Group information sessions for people on remand and sentenced; and

  • Goal setting and tailored individual plans.

  • Services in community


We provide the following services in the community:

  • Post-release support to former prisoners to achieve success on parole and stay out of prison.

  • Advocacy and access to services, including immediate support when at risk of relapse.


Refer to service

Referrals for the program are exclusively approved by Queensland Corrective Services. The service is voluntary in the prison and the community and managed through internal QCS processes. In some instances it may be a condition of parole.


Service location

We deliver the program in the North Coast region covering the Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast regions, South West as far as Dalby and Miles and throughout the South Burnett region of Queensland.


Funding acknowledgement

Funded by the Queensland Corrective Services

Community Re-entry Sevice Team
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