This week, some of our clients took to the ocean to learn about fishing, as part of the Bundaberg Youth Week celebrations. One of our amazing social workers, Sally was there to help clients, and celebrate youth week! Here’s her take on the day…

Bundaberg Council managed to secure a grant to purchase fishing equipment like rods, reels, and tackle boxes as well as sun safety gear for all 20 attendees. The best bit was that each Young Person got to keep their above items that they used on the day.

    This project was funded by the Queensland Recreational Fishing Grants 2020 and will educate young people that would not normally have access to recreational fishing. It was envisioned that this small activity will catalyse further action by the young people to improve their personal development and interaction with the community.

    Bundaberg region struggles with systemic disadvantage and youth unemployment and therefore the Bundaberg council (Community Development officer) felt that any opportunities to enhance self-esteem, resilience, social connections, motivation, leadership and a whole host of other things, and potentially be able to recruit new recreational fishers for the future.

    The highlight was getting to see the Young People calm and interacting positively with each other, where sometimes they may not experience this within their normal day to day lifestyles or choices.

    Young People experiencing the beach environment (climbing the rocks, exploring the beach with findings of crabs, shells, birds, and other wildlife. Sitting on the sand and digging in the sand while holding conversations with one another where laughter could be heard from afar. The young people just being present in the moment, and of course getting to catch lots of fish (even though they weren’t legal size).

    Dale from Bundaberg Tackle World came along and educated and showed the Young People from how to set up their fishing rods and explained the tides, bait and species of fish, legal sizes of fish etc. all while helping them fish.

    The young people were wrapped to be able to keep their fishing gear and planned to go fishing again either by themselves along the Burnett River or with family members.