To better service our community, Bridges Disability Employment Service (DES) is collaborating with our own specialist mental health clinicians. This is our unique point of difference from other providers. We get you!

Our employment consultants understand mental health conditions and psychiatric disabilities and will walk with you through your job search, small steps or long strides.

Bridges Disability Employment Service has a collaborative link with both mental health and alcohol and/or other drug clinicians to support our consultants and those engaged in the service. This means we truly understand. We get you and we are here to make sure your new job is the right fit for you

For those engaged with Bridges DES, you will have a smooth link with specialist mental health clinicians who specialise in counselling, and alcohol and/or other drugs (AOD), if you need it. Going back to work can sometimes make a person anxious, stressed or lacking in confidence. At Bridges we are there to help you in the early days and make sure you get the support you need, just ask for it and help will be at hand.

To learn more about the Bridges DES service, read here.

 What hasn’t changed

Bridges services still operate under the ‘No Wrong Door’ policy, which means we will never turn you away.

The Regional Queensland Community chooses Bridges for their employment services because of our:

  • Focus on your strengths, abilities, and recovery
  • Team who understands mental health and psychiatric disabilities
  • Easy access to Bridges complimentary services and qualified professionals
  • Ability to coordinate training to help you build your skills
  • Help you meet participation requirements

Employers throughout the region choose to engage with Bridges services because of our:

  • Customer service both Candidates and Clients.
  • Comprehensive understanding of mental illness and psychosocial disability.
  • Proven experience in helping employers grow their team with permanent part time team members
  • Ability to work with individuals who are genuinely ready to step into stable work
  • Ability to offer support to ensure a smooth and positive experience

If you’re ready to take the next step, make sure you consult with your Services Australia customer service representative to ensure you are eligible for this service or contact our DES team and we will assist you to do it.