For many years, Bridges Health & Community Care (Bridges) has been part of the Hervey Bay community.

Over the years, the community has been used to visiting numerous different offices for the teams they have been working with.

But the Bridges team have just relocated into a beautiful, modern office where all services can be delivered out of the one space.


What does Bridges Health & Community Care offer?

In case you missed it, Bridges is the Wide Bay’s longest established, leading provider of community-based mental health and drug and alcohol services. With a strong commitment to providing new initiatives and evidence-based processes for people at risk and facing adversity within the region.

Bridges is a leader in the design and delivery of innovative, contemporary programs and services. We demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellbeing of Queensland communities through place-based solutions, self-determination, and ongoing advocacy for improved systems.

Bridges is led by CEO, Sharon Sarah who has championed destigmatizing mental health, addiction, and disability services in Queensland communities for over 20-years.

It is through her vision and commitment to the community that Bridges can provide such cutting-edge services that are truly directed by the individual, not by the service provider.


Here's what we've got available from our new Pialba office.


Community-Based Mental Health

Our mental health team provides services that include support and advocacy for psychosocial disability. This service is for people who identify with moderate to severe mental illness and complex needs.

The Bridges community-based mental health team supports people with mental health concerns including:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Suicidal ideation

With your mental health recovery worker, you will identify your unique strengths and abilities to create your own recovery plan.

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Disability Employment Services

Bridges offers Disability Employment Services (DES) that help people with a mental illness or psychiatric disability to get back into the workforce through study, or employment.

Our DES team comprises of dedicated employment consultants who understand mental health conditions and psychiatric disabilities. And work collaboratively with various clinical services that Bridges offers to help individuals overcome barriers standing in their way.

It is our highest priority to support your quest to find sustainable employment that aligns with your strengths.

This service receives referrals from Services Australia, or self-referral through direct registration. To ensure you are eligible for this service, please speak with your Services Australia (Centrelink) customer service representative.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Services

At Bridges, our alcohol and other drug clinicians can help you identify some of the underlying factors that can contribute to problematic use of alcohol and drugs.

Our team uses a holistic approach to help explore aspects of your life that contribute to your substance use. This may include housing, employment, relationships and more.

This service receives referrals from you, your GP, your local Hospital Health Service, other community, or governmental agencies, or loved ones (with your consent).

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NDIS Services

Bridges is passionate about providing recovery-oriented, capacity building NDIS services to the Wide Bay-Burnett Region. It is through the expertise of our team that we can build unique programs to suit each individual as they navigate their recovery process.

We’ll work with you to enable the changes you want to achieve in your life.

If you don’t have an NDIS plan yet, our team can help support you through that process if you prefer.

Through engaging with the Bridges NDIS team, you can also link in with the following Bridges services:

  • Occupational therapy services
  • Employment services
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Psychology and counselling services

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Psychology Services

Our provisional psychologist, and accredited counsellors, Bridges offer services to people with moderate to severe mental illness, addictions, or trauma.

We will work with you to improve behavioural responses to help you address:

  • Negative thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Depressed mood
  • Lack of energy or motivation

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To learn more about Bridges services and approach, visit: website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

You can alternatively call our team on 1300 707 655 and request to speak with a specific team member in the Fraser Coast.

If you or a loved one would like to seek confidential advice about a Bridges DARTS service, please call our team on 1800 263 274.