Bridges Health & Community Care (BHCC) acknowledges and pays our respects to the traditional owners of the land of the workshop, the Wakka Wakka, The Gurang Gurang, and the Wulli Wulli people. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and recognise their culture, history, diversity, and their deep connection to the land, waters, and seas of Queensland and the Torres Strait.


In the September school holidays, 2021, Bridges hosted a Mothers, Carers and Daughters group workshop in Eidsvold

Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended over the course of the three-days. 

Bridges welcomed the community to attend a group workshop, and were overwhelmed by the engagement.

At the core, the event strived to deliver culturally appropriate activities for Aboriginal mothers, carers, and daughters to build:

  • Community capacity
  • Connectedness and bonding
  • And overall, foster a sense of support and belonging

Throughout the workshops, attendees received information, referral pathways, how to prevent daily stressors, manage negative impacts, strategies, and practical ways to improve their emotional wellbeing.

The group participated in numerous activities lead by our two facilitators, Dianne Wilson, a local Diversion Therapist and Denise Johnson-Fines, Bridges Cultural Liaison Officer.


Image description: yarning mat that was designed and painted by the workshop attendees.



Mothers and Daughters were invited to participate in creative cultural activities in a safe and supportive environment to foster strengthening of positive relationships through connecting heart, mind, soul, and Country.

Activities included building a family kinship tree, weaving branch, and creating a yarning mat.

With a strong focus on mental, social, and emotional wellbeing, Bridges hopes that these workshops will help the Eidsvold community to come together with stronger relationships.

Family spirit and heart of country was by working together they learnt to work together understanding one’s own spiritual and cultural belonging, assisting in establishing strong bond in their relationship, this was to be going back to Traditional ways in doing Women’s Business.

Being involved in the three-day Program, my favourite part of the day was when we all went out to Wakka Wakka Country and doing the activity of the Yarning Mat, this is to stay in the Community to use whenever they have important Cultural Events, Meetings or Programs.

I was honoured to be part of seeing how all the Elders, Daughters, Grand Daughters painted their feet and hands and placed this on the outer part of the yarning mat, all the different ages being involved 6 weeks to an Elder, was very special experience.


Thank you again, to everyone who participated in this event, and to our facilitators, Denise, Dianne, and the Bridges team for making it happen.

We look forward to being out in the Eidsvold and North Burnett community again soon!