Here's a quick question for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. When it comes to your emotions as a unique individual, do you know which specific foods, time of day, or external situations affect your mood?

We're not talking about what affects other people, but what affects you as a unique individual. Empowered with that knowledge, have you worked out what you can do to manage those mood-affecting factors? It is worth thinking about when you want to achieve a better quality of life.

While the modern world provides our minds with increasing stimulation, the right digital tools can also help us learn how to control the factors that affect our mind-set. It is an interesting topic because our mood swings can diminish our wellbeing on a massive level.

Meet Aaron Shultz, a mental health professional and recovery coach with Bridges Health & Community Care in Queensland.

In this 9-minute webinar, Aaron explains how you can use Mood Prism on your smart phone to empower yourself with specific insights on what affects your mood, at a personal level.

Mood Prism is an evidence-based digital app, which means that it uses a proven methodology that's backed by medical science and research.

Medical research has shown that when you know more about those mood-affecting factors, you can change them to better regulate your moods to achieve improved mental health.

We all have the ability to learn new ways to manage our moods. If you are you open to learning how Mood Prism might help you do just that, hit the play button.


This video is part of the webinar series: 'Discover Digital Ways to Wellness''. Each video is only 10-minutes long (give or take) and features a mental health clinician from Bridges Health & Community Care in Queensland, Australia. You'll see them demo a free app for you, and hear how and why the app can help you improve your mental health. Watch more videos in this series here!

The Queensland Government funds the initiative through its 'Tackling Adversity Through Integrated Care' (TRAIC) program.


Bridges selected this app to review from a list of evidence-based digital resources recommended by Queensland Health. Bridges Health & Community Care is not associated with the featured app in any way. The information in this webinar is for information purposes only, to help communities and individuals find new ways to further build their mental health resilience.