If you work at or own or manage a business that’s experiencing growth, but don’t have enough work for a full timer, Bridges DES team has the answer you’re searching for. Read on for more.

We asked our consultants why local companies partner with the Bridges employment services.


Here’s why employers throughout Regional Queensland should partner with us.


An exceptional talent pool of ‘work-ready’ candidates

With individuals from diverse walks of life, rich experiences, and a range of skills, you will be lucky to secure one of our candidates.

Bridges consultants each have their local networks of people who want to work in retail, hospitality, labour, and more industries throughout the Wide Bay-Burnett and Central Queensland Regions.


Our understanding of your business needs

The Bridges team has many years’ experience in recruitment.

With this experience comes a unique ability to observe, learn, and listen to clients’ objectives and what they need from prospective employees. It is through these skills that our consultants can match the best candidates to your business to ensure we provide the utmost value to your local business.


Financial support post-employment

Bridges consultants are knowledgeable in what grants, or governmental subsidies are available for employers who engage with a Disability Employment Service.

This can be to support the individual’s workspace, or for the business to invest in other support.


Provide an end-to-end recruitment service

Bridges employment consultants are highly skilled recruiters.

Combined with a deep understanding of disability and mental health conditions, we can provide businesses with an end-to-end recruitment service to support their business.

This means, our team can source, screen, and prepare candidates that they believe are the best fit for your business. This allows you and your team to do what you do best; run your business!


Candidates who are looking for part time, or casual employment

We understand that many employers may not have capacity in their business to bring on full time employees. There will be some that would prefer either part time or casual candidates.

Well, do we have good news for you! Many of the Bridges candidate pool has an ideal commitment of working anywhere from 10hrs to 25hrs per week.

Many of our consultants have found that this is a much more sustainable approach for our candidates. This way, the individual can manage their work/life balance (something everyone continuously strives for).


We help upskill candidates to meet your requirements

When we have candidates that fit majority of your scope, but have a couple of skills gaps, we’ll help them to build up their skillset to ensure our team provides suitable candidates for you.

Whether it’s an online training course, or a TAFE course, you can rest assured that Bridges consultants will walk with each candidate to ensure they achieve their goal of getting back into the workforce.


Help people address barriers to ensure they can stay in the job long-term

Through Bridges other specialist services, our employment consultants can link in with complimentary services.

This ensures that Bridges candidates can address and overcome their barriers to securing employment and holding down a job with a qualified recovery-oriented approach from Bridges clinicians.

When a Bridges consultant puts forward a candidate for a job vacancy with your business, you can be assured that they are ready to work.


We’ll take on the work to provide you with vetted talent for your opportunity

By partnering with Bridges DES team, you can rest assured knowing that you gain the help you are looking for.

We’ll screen, upskill, and ensure that every candidate we put forward to you is aligned with what you are looking for. Our consultants pride themselves on being able to help people achieve their goals.


If you’d like to partner with Bridges DES team

We’re ready when you are.

Our team is currently working with enthusiastic candidates who are ready to work. They would love to hear from you if you’re looking for great people to join your team. We work with people based in Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Maryborough, and Gayndah.

Call us on 1300 707 655 and ask to speak with your local DES team.