Why do people use drugs or alcohol?

The reasons for someone’s drug or alcohol use can be as unique and individual as the person.

The most general explanation to this is to help the individual cope.

It may stem for past trauma, to help them socialise, anxiety, self-medication, depression, relieves boredom, to get things done, to give confidence, become more focused, to help relax, and improve sexual function.

Bridges clinicians can provide you with information on why someone might be using drugs or alcohol including information on dependency, ways you can support as well as local support options for both you and the person who is using substances.


About the Breakthrough For Families program

Bridges is the Wide Bay-Burnett Region provider for the BFFQ program.

Our specialist alcohol and/or other drug workers host and facilitate the public and one-on-one sessions to provide tools, intervention, and other assistance to families and individuals.

The BFFQ program provides facts on drugs and alcohol, strategies for families to support their loved one while taking care of their own needs.

This includes:

  • Group educational sessions run at various times throughout the year within the region
  • Providing access and connection to specialist Drug and Alcohol Workers who can provide brief intensive support to family members individual sessions include Psychoeducational support, boundary setting information, communication strategies and self-care strategies.
  • Fast track referrals for our drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment service if the family member is willing to engage in treatment.
  • Information on community supports/services and referrals to such programs


If you have someone in your life who is impacted by these issues, but you’re not ready to attend a session. One of our team members have put together this blog to provide a pathway forward that’s more discrete for you.


If you would like to speak with a drug and alcohol worker, call our confidential advice line on: 1800 263 274.

Please note, this advice line is not manned 24/7 and is not a crisis support line.

To register for a BFFQ session, click here.


Are you looking for ways to help someone you know who is using drugs or drinking too much?

When someone in your life is using substances regularly, it can be an acute source of stress for all involved.

Bridges have qualified Drug and Alcohol clinicians that you can come and speak to on a confidential basis.

Our team of qualified drug and alcohol workers can provide you with education and facts on the substance how it effects people and what to look out for. They can also provide you with strategies to support you to help the person who is using substances.

All this is delivered in a casual, informed, and nonjudgmental approach that is suited to your individual circumstances.

For more support, we encourage you to contact:

Information sourced from: QAIHC, Breakthrough For Families Queensland brochure 2021


How Bridges can help if you’re concerned about someone’s drug or alcohol use

Bridges Breakthrough for Families Program can help by:

  1. Providing information on drug use
  2. Signs and symptoms to look out for
  3. Behaviour changes that may indicate drug use


Tips for helping someone with an addiction problem

It’s important to note that the person must be willing to engage in supports there is no mandated treatment options in Queensland.

The program supports you to develop strategies to support the person using.

We can also provide you with information on local treatment options to ensure that your loved one can get the help that they need.