Over the weekend, Bridges hosted a lovely Women’s Wellness event for the North Burnett to come together for the day. We are pleased to say that we had such an incredible turnout of women who were whole heartedly showed up to take the lead on their wellness. It was great to see women come together to celebrate health and wellbeing using creative and physical activities to create a safe space to open conversations, furthering connections.

A sincere thanks to the TRAIC funding body of Queensland Health who made this possible for the Bridges team to plan this event for the ladies of the region. The community has endured several years of devastating natural disaster events combined with a loss of industry.

One of our beloved facilitators from the event, Dr. Margi Brown Ash gave us this beautiful piece of feedback about the event.

“I adored the weekend, really truly did… the women we met changed me in ways I would not have thought.

I saw such resilience, I saw strength, I saw their ability to turn adversity into something that just was.

We laughed, cried and danced.”

We planned this event as our International Women’s Day 2021 initiative. This year’s theme was Choose To Challenge, and we obviously opted to tackle the stigma of taking a break. So, we chose to challenge the outlook on what it means to prioritise wellness, and to recognise when you need a break.

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