What is personal medicine?

What is the concept of personal medicine, and why is it important that Bridges recovery coaches are Certified Personal Medicine Coaches.  

Personal medicine comes from within. It’s not medication that you take, it’s the attitude and actions you do that make you feel good.

This means with personal medicine there are endless options of pathways forward: they are prescribed by and personal to you.

For some, this may be as simple as going for a daily run, for others, it might be sipping your morning cup of coffee, meditation or writing a novel. 

Whatever personal medicine is for you, what is important is the positive feeling you get while you’re doing it.


What does it mean to be a Certified Personal Medicine Coach?

Not everyone can be a Certified Personal Medicine Coach.

To be a Certified Personal Medicine Coach, members of the Bridges team complete a detailed  educational course focusing on personal medicine as a clinician.

To continue to hold the title of Certified Personal Medicine Coach, our team must complete a mandatory amount of professional development hours each year to keep their certification current.

Bridges is lucky enough to have numerous certified coaches as part of our team throughout the Wide Bay-Burnett Region.


Why does personal medicine help me in my recovery coaching journey?

Bridges recovery coaches offer unique, specialised services through using their degree, lived experiences, personal medicine training, and more to help clients through the recovery coaching process.

This means, that Bridges recovery coaches can help clients objectively look at their circumstances, to identify the best step forward to achieve your goal.

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