Recovery coaching background

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) introduced recovery coaching in June 2020.

This service was introduced to build participant’s capacity and skills, and to encourage independence to live their best life, and achieve their goals.

Bridges Health & Community Care (Bridges) has been a leader in providing recovery coaching services to participants across Regional Queensland since the NDIA introduced this program.

Bridges has worked with the community in the mental health arena for over two decades. In that time Bridges has recognised the importance of both lived experience in its workforce and the importance of tertiary qualified staff, who are able to work from a client focused and recovery-oriented practice.

These qualities provide for an understanding and professional service for people who choose to work with Bridges, who are wanting to make change in their lives.

By insisting on well trained staff who listen, and valuing lived experience, Bridges can be sure that our coaches are providing the appropriate guidance, support and information to make the participant’s goals obtainable.


What is a recovery coach?

A recovery coach is someone who works with you on your goals and identify barriers that may slow your progress to you goal. 

Much like a navigator works with a ship’s captain your recovery coach is there to help you to get from A to B the best way while you steer the ship.


What is a goal?

A goal is anything you wish to achieve.

It is a target, something to aim at that you identified during you plan management.

It doesn’t matter how big, or small your goal, our recovery coaches will walk with you through the process of achieving your goal and provide options as you go.


How do you get started with a new recovery coach?

Your NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) you will be present you with a list of providers who provide recovery coaching services.

It’s important to know that you can get in touch with any or all these providers and meet with their recovery coaches before making any decisions. 

You do not have to choose Bridges if you attend these meetings, nor does attending a meeting like this lock you into the Bridges recovery coaching service.

Each provider will have a different way of working with you the trick is to choose one that best suits your needs and that understands you.


If you have any questions

Please call us on 1300 707 655 and ask to book an initial conversation with a Bridges recovery coach. In this meeting, you can explore what recovery coaching for you may look like and see if Bridges is the right fit for you.

Read more about our NDIS Services here.

This is a free, no-obligation meeting provided to NDIS participants who are interested to learn more about recovery coaching.

All information discussed in these meetings are treated as confidential in nature to help you in your search.