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How do I choose the right recovery coach?

What is important to you and what do you want to achieve?

It is important to understand what your non-negotiables are.

We recommend asking simple questions like these. And it’s okay if you don’t know the answers!

• What do you want out of your recovery coach?

• Do you want a provider who is ethical?

• Is it important that your recovery coach holds a tertiary degree, and/or a lived experience?

• Do you want someone who will help you build your independence and show you potential pathways forward?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, maybe it’s time you consider Bridges.

The introduction of recovery coaching services is a strong alignment to the Bridges philosophy and approach to community services.

Bridges has a team of qualified mental health practitioners and certified personal medicine coaches have the great privilege of working with our recovery coaching clients and are excited to embark on the journey to achieve your goals alongside you. You can count on us. For as long as we’re your provider, you can expect your Bridges team to be reliable, consistent, flexible, and professional.

The Bridges NDIS team is focused on building your independence so you can live on your own terms.

Our support coordinators, workers, and recovery coaches work collaboratively to ensure the whole team is working together to get you closer to achieving your goals.

This doesn’t mean we’ll do it for you. What it means is that if you identify you want to try something new, our team will work together to ensure that you have the support as you learn new skills and/or have new experiences.

We’re all different, and that goes for our recovery coaches too. We are confident that you’ll be able to find a coach that you are excited to work with. And, to help you on the process, we recommend coming in to meet our coaches, so you are more comfortable with the process.

To book a no-obligation meeting with our coaches, call us on 1300 707 655 and ask to book a meeting with our NDIS team today.

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