Here's a quick question for those of you who are experiencing stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Just as you exercise your body to keep fit, what specific things do you do to train your mind to be fit and healthy?

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Here's a quick question for anyone who suspects they or a loved-one might have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Do you know how to you can manage symptoms of PTSD without having to tell your story?

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Here's a quick question for teachers: Which new approaches have you used to help your class reduce bullying and achieve improved mental health?

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Here's a quick question for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. When it comes to your emotions as a unique individual, do you know which specific foods, time of day, or external situations affect your mood?

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Discover Digital Ways to Wellness: a series to support your wellbeing.

Join our mental health professionals as they take you through a review of a digital health app you can use to manage wellbeing in the digital era.

Through the 'Tag a Mate, Take a Break' program, Bridges delivers wellness experiences for men and women from the North Burnett region.

The 'Digital Ways to Wellness' webinar series represents final piece of 'Take a Break' initiative.  Bridges offers the videos as an on-demand resource for everyone; especially the residents of the Wide Bay-Burnett region. 

We encourage you to prioritise your wellness. When you're stretched for time, digital wellness resources can make a big difference.

Use the following quick links to find the information you need about the 'Digital Ways to Wellness' webinar series:


Series purpose

Through the 'Digital Ways to Wellness' webinar series, Bridges aims to provide residents of the North Burnett region with an opportunity to advance their personal and community wellness through the use of digital resources.

Take 10-min to listen to a Bridges 'Digital Ways to Wellness' webinar.

A Bridges mental health professional hosts one of the 10-min on-demand videos. They introduce you a smart phone app you can use to manage your mental health. In every-day language, they explain how the app can make a big difference in your life.

If you want to manage your anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia or addictions, take 10-minutes to learn about an app that's backed by science and can help.

If 2020 taught us anything, it is the importance our wellbeing - as individuals and as a community. 

Through the Digital Ways to Wellness series of webinars, Bridges aims to provide a clinical, evidence-based take of how selected evidence-based smart phone apps can support your wellbeing.

It’s important to note that none of these apps should replace clinical, patient-centered care delivered by a mental health professional in any form. It may, however be used in conjunction, as part of “take-home activities”.

We encourage residents of the Wide Bay-Burnett region to continue to embrace the 'Tag A Mate' theme. You might see an app you and your ‘mate’ have spoken about in the past, but not sure if it’s right for you. These webinars will be on demand so you can share with them at any time.

The events are for the residents from the North Burnett region who have been doing it tough due to drought, flood, fire, or other adverse events. They are part of the Bridges 'Tag a Mate, Take a Break' program in the region, to promote wellness and self-care in the community.

The Queensland Government funds the initiative through its 'Tackling Adversity Through Integrated Care' (TRAIC) program. The funding means Bridges can film and host the webinars (through our YouTube channel) at no cost to you.

Our webinar resources provide you and your community with ongoing support in a discrete way, to support your wellbeing journey. Please note that you don't need to register, sign in, or give your personal details to view the on-demand webinars.

About the apps

Our clinicians selected a few digital wellbeing resources that can help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

These apps were taken from the Queensland Health “Digital Health Apps” article (download the pdf).

A Bridges clinician personally tested and tried one of these evidence-based apps on the list, then hosted a webinar to provide a robust review of their experience with the app.

How to watch

Bridges hosts this webinar series on its YouTube channel. You can also access the videos via our website and social media feeds (Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn).

Please note that you don't need to register, sign in, or give your personal details to view these episodes.

Bridges aims to provide you and your community with ongoing access to these resources, so you can return to see the videos again or share them with loved-ones.

The on-demand videos provide you with support in a discrete way and that you can access at a time that fits your busy life.

Please contact our team if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your wellbeing, this TRAIC funded initiative, or your family’s wellbeing.

Terms and conditions

  • The information in these episodes are for informational purposes only, to start a conversation, and bring awareness to the importance of prioritising wellbeing. Should you wish to include any of these apps in your daily life, please consult with your mental health professional to seek sound advice.
  • In April 2021, Bridges filmed a four-part webinar series to support the mental wellbeing of residents in the North Burnett.
  • The original article was published by Queensland Health, we have since taken inspiration from there, we asked our clinical team to try it and talk about their experiences with these resources.
  • All opinions and/or views expressed in these webinars are purely personal and experience-based held by the host. These opinions and/or views are not a reflection or representation of the Bridges Health and Community Care.
  • These resources should not replace any part of yours or your loved one’s therapy or clinical intervention that you are participating in. The point of these webinars is to provide additional resources to you or your loved ones. Please consult your mental health professional, or your GP for personal advice.
  • Bridges Health and Community Care is not the creator, distributor, or paid endorser of these apps. We are just looking at what is in the market to assist public in assessing their addiction(s) or helping their own mental wellbeing and providing our personal opinions as mental health workers.

Positive impact for you and your community

Our 'Tag a Mate, Take a Break' initiative is for residents of the North Burnett region who have been doing it tough due to natural disasters, COVID-19, or other adverse event.

These resources are the final instalment of the Tag A Mate, Take A Break initiative. It is for any resident of the region to access a free and discrete webinar to support your mental wellbeing at any time.

We will continue to support the residents to celebrate the bonds and resilience of the community, as we have done for many years. We hope you enjoy these webinars and get a useful resource or two out of it.


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