Men’s wellness events in the North Burnett (Tag a Mate, Take a Break)

Intro to our ‘Men’s Wellness’ event in Oct 2020

Through our ‘men’s fishing retreat October 2020’, Bridges hosted a wellness experience for men from the North Burnett who have been doing it tough.

The events are part of the team's  'Tag a Mate, Take a Break' project to promote community wellness.

Brochure/ Application form


Event purpose and wellness experience

To provide an opportunity for men from the North Burnett, Bridges hosted a fishing retreat for men. The men who joined the event had experienced hardship due to drought, flood, fire or other adverse event.

Participants met in Hervey Bay for a half-day charter boat trip. In the evening, they attended a dinner with Shane Webke.

When you invest in your wellness it helps individuals and communities to build resilience.

The Queensland Government funds the initiative through its ’Tackling Adversity through Integrated Care’ (TRAIC) program.

Application process

Bridges hosted the Tag a Mate, Take a Break - Fishing Retreat for Men’ in October 2020. Applicants made sure to submit their expression of interest by 18 Sept 2020.

They used the application form in the men's wellness event Oct 2020 brochure to express their interest in the fishing retreat.

Applicants tagged (nominated) a mate from the North Burnett who had been doing it tough due to drought, fire, flood, or other event. 

They nominated friends, colleagues and others they knew could do with a break.

Bridges reviewed the applications based on cases of hardship, and provided the invitations by phone and email.

Brochure/ Application form

Positive impact on individuals

Bridges welcomed invited delegates to the fishing retreat in October 2020.  

The feedback from participants showed the benefit of the wellness experience, which left them feeling energised.

Participants returned home ready to encourage others to take a break and invest time in their wellness.

Visit our Facebook page to see the messages that some participants wanted to share about the fishing trip.

Read how the wellness experience for men helped them invest in the resilience they demonstrated during hard times they experienced over many years.

Positive impact on the community

The community of the North Burnett region has experienced hardship over many years due to drought, fire, flood or other event in the region.

In the midst of adversity individuals can find it hard to take a break. That’s when we need the support of friend.

In their own quiet way, the participants ‘Tag a Mate/ Take a Break’ Oct 2020 event became role models within their communities.

They set an example for their friends and families on how it is important to help a mate to take a break.

Because it is easier to focus on our wellness in the face of hardship when we have the support of our community.

Terms and conditions

  • This event is for residents of the North Burnett only
  • Those selected for this experience will have demonstrated genuine cases of hardship. 
  • There is a maximum of 20 spaces for participants in this funded project. Not all applicants will be able to attend due to this limitation.
  • Expressions of Interest will be reviewed internally by a panel of Bridges Health & Community Care staff.  Their decision is final.
  • Notification to all applicants will be given by Friday 25th September by phone or email.

Information collection notice

  • The information on this form is being collected by Bridges Health & Community Care.
  • Confidentiality is important to us.  In accordance with our Privacy Policy, this information will only be viewed internally by Bridges staff. 
  • The information is required to determine eligibility for participation in this funded project.
  • The forms will be kept securely by Bridges for this determination.
  • Upon completion of the project, only the contact information of participants will be retained in our records.

Key dates

  • 18 September 2020 - Closing date for applications
  • 25 September 2020 - Bridges contacted applicants by phone or email to notify them of the outcome of the review process
  • 10-11 October 2020 - Bridges hosted the Tag a Mate, Take a Break - Fishing Retreat for Men’