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Have a query?
We answer some of our most commonly received questions...

What does the referral process involve?

Referrals to our programs and services can be made in person, by telephone or from your usual health or community service provider.

Who can make a referral

Most of our programs accept referrals from organisations, such as health providers and community services. Individuals can also self-refer or be referred by someone else such as a loved on, a family member or a partner, but only with consent from the person being referred.

Referrals to our Psychology or Occupational Therapy practices may require a Mental Health Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP.

All referrals to Bridges are confidential.


Finding the best program or service for you

In some cases  you may benefit from one or more of our programs. Our experienced Intake Team will talk things through with you to determine both your immediate needs and long terms goals.

Bridges works collaboratively to ensure an integrated, culturally appropriate responses to your individual needs. Our 'no wrong door policy' ensures we are capable of offering a service regardless of whether it is a drug and alcohol or mental health issue.


How to make a referral

To make a referral please download, complete and submit one of our referral forms below. You can send your form in person, as an attachment on an email or by mail.

Bridges Client Referral Form

Bridges NDIS Client Referral Form

Alternatively, you may wish to speak to one of our clinicians to determine the most appropriate program or to take a referral over the telephone on Bridges general enquiries number on telephone 1300 707 655 or Bridges Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment Service on their dedicated line 1800 263 274.

For a referral to our Offender Services Team please contact Bridges general enquiries number on telephone 1300 707 655, option 4 in the first instance.

What do I do if I or someone I know is experiencing suicidal thoughts?

Contact your local Hospital and Health Service (HHS) to discuss the best course of action. Find your HHS details here.

Bridges receives hundreds of referrals annually from local Hospital & Health Services, GP's and other Community Services. We pride ourselves on delivering quality evidence-based services by non-judgmental and dedicated staff. We understand the barriers and hurdles individuals can face when struggling with mental ill-health, adversity, and stigma. The Bridges team works collaboratively across programs both within and outside our own organisation to ensure an integrated, culturally appropriate response to each individual's needs. Our 'no wrong door policy' ensures that we offer a service regardless of whether it is a drug and alcohol or mental health issue.

If you don't require hospitalisation but are in need of specialist mental health and/or drug and alcohol support in many instances, hospital staff will assess your situation and refer you to us for ongoing assistance.

If we are recommended to you, and you agree to the referral, we encourage you to contact us immediately after your assessment so  we can assist you as soon as possible.

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