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Allied Health Assistants

Bridges Allied Health Assistants support our health professionals in coordinating services and supports recommended by the occupational therapists, implement, and deliver life skills programs to build personal capacity, achieve personal goals, and manage the administrative aspects of your supports and allied health needs, such as accessing assistive technology. Our Allied Health Assistants work under the supervision of our Occupational Therapists. 

Please note this service is temporarily unavailable.

Allied Health Assistants
The challenge of living with mental illness can make it difficult for people to live independently or engage in activities that are meaningful and enjoyable. For many people experiencing mental illness, can make even the simplest tasks challenging. Many mental health conditions occur along with physical, sensory, or cognitive issues, all of which can have a significant impact on quality of life.

We believe that participation in everyday activities is essential for quality mental health and well-being.  Our therapists and assistants are dedicated to supporting you through maximising your mental health, physical function, emotional health, safety, and wellbeing for long-term, positive change to achieve the everyday meaningful activities that you engage in.

This can be achieved through several methods such as:

  • Skills Development Plans and Intervention for daily living skills

  • Sensory Modulation and Integration strategies for improved resilience

  • Behavioral Support and Training

  • Improving motivation and action towards reaching your goals

  • Psychological Therapy and interventions


 Criteria for service:

  • Primarily 18+ (Depending on intervention needed 16+ may be considered.)

  • Funding accepted: NDIS and Enhanced Primary Care plans, private funds 

 Areas of Service:

  • Bundaberg and surrounding suburbs

  • Fraser Coast and surrounding suburbs

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