Bridges Recovery Coaching Services for NDIS-funded clients in Queensland

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There’s a difference between recovery and recovering. Recovering signals a destination, whilst the term recovery signals a process and state of mind. Curious to know more?

What does recovery coaching really mean?

At Bridges, we believe that people can live their best life when they set clear and achievable goals.

Bridges Recovery Coaches assist to build a participant’s capacity and skills, encouraging independence and goal achievement.

We understand that everyone’s path is different. We will walk alongside you on your journey and assist you to achieve your goals.

The Bridges approach to recovery coaching:

Personal medicine is one of our unique approaches - tapping into what you already do to look after your mental health.  Personal medicine comes from within. It’s not medication that you take. This means that there are endless options and pathways forward: they’re not prescribed, they are personal to you. Bridges doesn’t take your opportunity for growth lightly. Your starting point will depend on what you want to achieve. We’re ready when you are.

Our staff have professional qualifications in mental health, wellness coaching, disability, and community services as well as training in recovery-oriented practice and self-determination.

Bridges is culturally sensitive and has Indigenous cultural support workers available.

How to get a referral to Bridges recovery coaching:

Our Bridges recovery coaching service receives referrals from the following sources:

  • You, as an NDIS participant
  • Your GP, in line with your Medicare approved Mental Health Care plan
  • Your support coordinator
  • The NDIA, or Local Area Coordinator
  • The Public Guardian

Bridges offer recovery coaching and support:

Bridges is accredited against the NDIS Practice Standards. We can help to meet your individual needs through a high quality, personalised service with accredited, professional staff.

We also have 25 years experience in the mental health industry. 

Where to start:

Curious to know more? Contact us about the Bridges Recovery Coaching Service.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our NDIS team at:

How to pay:

With an approved plan, the NDIS can fund these services for you. 

Our locations for recovery coaching:

Bridges recovery coaching services are available in the following Queensland locations

  • Bundaberg Region
  • Fraser Coast Region
  • Maryborough
  • Hervey Bay
  • Gladstone
  • Rockhampton

Funding acknowledgement:

Bridges Recovery Coaching Services receives funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).