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THRIVE - healthy relationships

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Bridges Health & Community Care is proud to announce free interactive workshops titled THRIVE – Transformative Health in Relationships, Inspiring Values and Empowerment, designed to educate and empower young women aged 13 to 25 on healthy relationships and raising awareness about domestic violence and coercive control.

This workshop program was designed by one of our clinicians, funded by the Department of Social Services through The Social Shift to roll out in the communities of Bundaberg and Hervey Bay until September 2024.


Bridges' short, interactive workshops focus on educating young women on the principles of healthy relationships, recognizing red flags of domestic violence and coercive control, and providing essential resources for seeking help. Through education, awareness, and empowerment, Bridges strives to create a culture of respect, empathy, and equality, ensuring that every person can thrive in relationships free from violence and coercion.

The workshops are being delivered in partnership with schools and community organisations and services, bringing together small groups of women (up to 15) to run through the workshop which runs for just over 1 hour. If your organisation is based in Bundaberg or Hervey Bay and you are keen to host a workshop, please contact us at

Supported by the Department of Social Services though The Social Shift

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