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Vaping Education

In May 2024, Bridges partnered with Blurred Minds to deliver a vaping education program to schools across Bundaberg and Hervey Bay to break down the myths and access evidence-based information.

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Vaping and the widespread uptake of this vice are constantly hitting the headlines. To help navigate the wealth of information out there and find out the true impact of vaping on an individual’s health and that of the broader community, Bridges Health & Community Care partnered with Blurred Minds to bring a quality education program to the Bundaberg region.


As a leading provider of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment services in Wide Bay, Bridges staff saw the rising use of vaping in young people and the need for better knowledge about the health implications of using vapes.


Bridges CEO and psychologist, Sharon Sarah stated that “What we have is an unregulated market, and imported vaping products that are currently not tested for safety and quality in Australia, so they contain unknown chemicals which can be harmful. Ms Sarah stated that “while vapes can be an effective tool in reducing the harms associated with tobacco smoking, the uptake of vaping by young people and the extent of its use is out of control.”


The Queensland Government has announced free access for Queensland schools for the Blurred Minds Academy which is an online education program to change the way younger generations think and interact with alcohol, vaping, and other drugs. Bridges has partnered with Blurred Minds to bring an in-person vaping education program into our community and secondary schools to reinforce the important messages of this program.


The one-off program was delivered to the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay regional schools based on the geographic boundaries of the Hinkler electorate and the Department of Social Services/ Social Shift grant requirements.The program was delivered at Kepnock State High School, YMCA Vocational School, St Lukes Anglican School, Bundaberg State High School, North Bundaberg State High School, Burnett Youth Learning Centre, Carinity Education Glendyne, Urangan State High School,St James Lutheran College and Fraser Coast Anglican College. The workshop programs were attended by over 5,400 students and 49 parents, carers and teachers across the region.x

These are the results:

If you would like to access resources from Blurred Minds, check out their website.

Supported by the Department of Social Servies through The Social Shift.

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