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Youth Bail Support

Youth Bail Support

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The Bail Support Program is an initiative of the Queensland Government's Youth Justice portfolio. Its aim is to encourage and assist young people aged 10 – 17 to apply for bail rather than go to prison. The decision to grant bail is up to the courts.

About our service

A focus on keeping young people out of prison to ensure positive long-term life improvements in a young person’s life, assist in the transition of re-entry into society as well as reducing the chances of re-offending.


Our approach

Staff work closely with the young person and other stakeholders, such as police, magistrates, youth justice and the family unit to address the underlying issues that may have contributed to the young person committing a crime and to address these issues and concerns while on bail.

We assist the young person to access suitable and safe housing, advocate for their return to school, if relevant, source education, training or employment, provide resources and supplies that they may need to achieve success on bail, for example, text books, food, gym membership and so on.


Refer to service

Families, courts, lawyers, police, youth justice and community services can refer the young person with their consent. The young person can ask for help; if under the age of consent, parental consent will be required.

To find out more about this unique program, contact our head office on 1300 707 655 and ask to speak to one of our Bail Support Staff.

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