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Proud Platinum Sponsor of the BRITE Ball 2023

Every June, Pride Month celebrates the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.

Pride Month is also a time when we can reflect on how far civil rights have progressed whilst looking for the opportunities to stamp out discrimination and violence against our LGBTIQ+ communities.

Bridges Health & Community Care were the proud Platinum Sponsor of the BRITE Ball on Saturday 3rd June, coordinated by Headspace Bundaberg and Event Networx. It was an absolute blast hitting the dance floor to the tunes of DJ Tanzer and experiencing the glamour of Quiche Lorraine, Ladybird and Bundaberg’s very own Gio Van She. We also were privileged to listen to local young musicians Amy Alice and Abigail Williams.


A big congratulations to the organising committee who have created an event where our young people can let their hair down in a fun, safe and spectacular way!

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